David is a mechanical engineer with a background in consumer product development, fluidics, and plastic part design.  His career path has led through numerous product design firms in the greater Boston area, with clients in industries as diverse as plumbing, pharmaceuticals, medical, genomics, construction, electronics, consumer audio, professional audio, food, and home automation.  He is listed as inventor on over a dozen patents in various industries.

He believes that the greatest elegance can be found in simplicity, and that few things are as satisfying as a good day's work.


And although he does love a good lather shave, he will admit to using bar soap when pressed for time.


Bud is a consulting engineer with a background in analog electronics and signal processing.  His passion for signal processing led him to audio, a long and illustrious career as the head engineer at CBS radio for almost three decades, and on into audio and radio engineering consulting.   He now specializes in custom public address, audio studio and radio transmitter design, construction and installation.  

He has a fondness for classic tube radios, time spent with his grandchildren, and a good cup of coffee.


He also loves nothing more than a good shave.