To dispense a controlled amount of foam repeatably, we have developed a dosing valve that handshakes to the industry standard push-to-dispense nipple found on almost every aerosol can in the market.  We use an elastomeric positive-displacement chamber to meter the dispensing product at an elevated pressure, before the foam can expand.  We then close the dispense valve and open our exit valve to our nozzle, using the elastic walls of the chamber to dispense the metered dose, and the diffusing nozzle to shear the fluid into foam.  The combination of these elements allows us to repeatably dispense the same amount of expanded foam with a single squeeze and release of our lever.

Our volume adjustment dial expands and constricts a cage around our elastomeric chamber, changing its maximum expansion and thus the dispense volume.  The range of dispense volume that we have chosen should work for any face in the market, but the range can also be adjusted in the design for even larger or smaller amounts.

These elements package into a system that is functionally the same size as the protective cap that many aerosol cans sell with.


We have been testing prototypes throughout our development; our last round of prototypes has been in user testing for over six months.  The first of these has been in daily testing for over a year and has shown no loss of function.

We have received two patents protecting the novel elements of our dispensing system:



See our prototype dispense the same amount of aerosol foam repeatably!