Foam-Ex began with one man's frustration with a razor blade.

No matter how much Charles 'Bud' Giordano tried varying his shaving approach, his results were always inconsistent. One day he might get a good, satisfying shave, the next he'd end up with stubble and uneven patches.  His multi-blade razor would sometimes cut clean, and another day it would clog up with foam.  Old razors would sometimes cut better than new ones. He tried changing brands of razor, shaving cream, tried gel, old-fashioned soaps and brushes, single-blade safety razors, straight-edge razors, even tried an electric razor for a while.  But nothing gave him as clean a shave as a multi-blade razor with aerosol foam, when it worked.  And he could never be certain if it would work right or not.

Then he realized... it wasn't the razor, it was the foam.  And it wasn't which foam you used... it was how much you put on.

Aerosol foam is a convenient, time-saving skin lubricant for blade shaving. It's affordable and almost universally available.  But today's aerosol packaging makes it almost impossible to control the amount of foam you dispense, almost guaranteeing that you get too much.  And when you take too much, you put on too much. Your razor clogs.  You push all the foam around over your whiskers without cutting, and get a terrible shave.  And you blame the razor.  You blame yourself.  You blame blade shaving.

But all of this never would have happened if the aerosol can had given you the right amount in the first place.


We believe that when you give the control of the dispense amount to the user of the aerosol can, they can get the best shave of their life every single time.  So we developed an aerosol foam dispensing technology that does exactly that.  You can set the volume of dispense on our valve, and one squeeze gets you the same amount.  Every time.  No more judging for how long to press the button, or guessing how much the foam is going to expand.  Just squeeze, release, and enjoy a great shave.

Our valve technology is designed around the industry standard push-to-dispense valve found on almost every aerosol can in the marketplace.  The design is robust enough to be moved from can to can, and low-cost enough to be packaged as a disposable.  

Our testing has shown that not only does this technology reliably deliver a superior shaving experience, it also can cut down on product waste by as much as 50%.  That means more shaves per can, and more value to the consumer, earning a higher price point with the same product and delivering a superior experience.

We've patented our valve technology, and we're looking for an industry leader in personal care with whom to partner to bring it to market.